Organic Fairtrade Produce from Deli Flavour Delicatessen Leicester

We're committed to having a fantastic range of Organic and Fairtrade products alongside our other fine foods.

We also acknowledge that just because something is organic or fairtrade, it doesn''t necessarily mean it''s a great product. That''s why we only select those organic and non organic foods which we think are outstanding. This is also why we will also stock a range of fantastic foods that haven''t got this status but are equally as mouthwatering. Some producers simply can''t afford to obtain this type of accreditation and for others, particularly small producers on the continent, following traditional production methods is the most important thing and the achievement of an award is not something which will benefit them or the food they make.

We try to offer a mouthwatering range of fine foods within the deli and that includes local, not so local, organic, non organic, fairtrade and non fairtrade foods. If its tastes great and where possible we''ve been able to source direct from the producer then we''ll try and fit them into the deli! 

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