Deli Flavour Delicatessen About Us

About Us

Deli Flavour originated from two friends with a passion for fine foods matched only by their boredom with their office based jobs. The inevitable result was two resignations and after much hard work, the opening of their first delicatessen, ‘Deli Flavour’ in the Stoneygate area of Leicester.

The deli quickly became a haven for food lovers, receiving plaudits for its range of stock, sourced Locally, Nationally and Internationally and most importantly, for the team’s enthusiastic and friendly approach to customers.

Deli Flavour-online aims to provide our web customers with a similar enjoyable experience, whether you’re browsing, enquiring or buying from our secure virtual deli. We’re not snobbish about food, we really enjoy it and Deli Flavour Online is our way of sharing this passion with you.

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